Jan Kadlec


Who is Jan Kadlec?

I study at Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. After one year of studying Financial Management (I decided to study finance after reading Terry Pratchett’s Making Money) I switched my field of study to Economic Policy. I consider macroeconomics and economic history much more interesting than easy money.

Just few years ago I was working as a copywriter – I owned a Beze slova brand. I am proud that I have worked with many creative people from SYMBIO or Vlado on projects for – just to mention the best known companies – T-Mobile Czech Republic or Sellier & Bellot. In 2008, I kind of “retired” – and for now have not come back.

I volunteer as a tutor of exchange students at Masaryk University and as a TED translator. I like modern literature, art – notably photography –, I study languages, and I love good food and tea. I dislike coffee.

If you want me to guide your Brno tour, review your TEDTalk translation, or just say me something, e-mail me or try facebook.

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